Children of the 80s and 90s, rejoice! Considering recent moves made by Coca-Cola when we’re about to get a Ghostbusters reboot in theaters, there is the very real possibility that we’ll bear witness to the reemergence of the Ghostbusters-based Hi-C flavor Ecto-Cooler. Our campaign to transform America’s economic landscape into a playground of pop culture nostalgia is almost complete. 

For those of you bereft of any childhood joy, Ecto-Cooler is the perfect balance of citrus and sweetness. It came in a box bearing the most popular supernatural character from the Ghostbusters movies and television cartoon, Slimer. While it has never been stated that Ecto- Cooler is derived from actual ectoplasm (or “slime” in layman’s terms), which is the viscous residue sometimes excreted by ghosts, it was heavily implied by the packaging. Which is awesome! It allowed us to take a break from our otherwise boring, mundane childhoods and, through refreshing commiseration with the afterlife, experience the infinite, if only for a moment.

Despite the initial attraction of its affiliation with Ghostbusters, children soon learned that Ecto-Cooler was able to rest on its own laurels. Borne out of a franchise based on scientists battling supernatural forces with portable self-contained nuclear accelerators, Ecto-Cooler quickly grew into something more. The flavor was originally commissioned by the Coca-Cola owned Minute Maid Company in 1987 to tie-in the cartoon series The Real Ghostbusters. Although the show ended in 1991, Ecto-Cooler, having taken on a life of its own by this point, remained on shelves until 2001, at which point it was discontinued.

But Ecto-Cooler would not go gentle into that good night. It had touched so many lives and made such an impact that groups sprang up all over the place petitioning for the return of their favorite ghost excretion-flavored beverage. Some people devoted their lives to replicating that tart, sugary flavor. The devotion of those brave torch-bearers may soon be rewarded. On September 15th, Coca-Cola re-registered their trademark for Ecto-Cooler, according to Planet Ghostbusters. While this is a few steps removed from an actual announcement of the resurgence of Ecto-Cooler, it certainly makes the prospect much more likely. It’s enough to make me clear out a little space on the bottom shelf of my refrigerator in anticipation.

What do you think about Ecto-Cooler returning to store shelves? How much are you putting back for your first few cases?

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