Hollywood Car customizer George Barris sadly passed away November 5th. Barris customized many cars used in both movies and TV and was often called the “King of Customizers”. Of his iconic works, most would know him for the 1966 Batmobile that was in almost every home in America at the time. And what better way to lay the legend to rest than with customized casket inspired by his most known design. The Batmobile casket featured fins like the the car itself and encircled by classic car styles from the past. 


Barris was born in Chicago in 1925 and worked in a Greek restaurant until he joined the Navy in World War 2. After the war Barris went on to “Kustomize” cars, as he would go on to spell it, for Hollywood in films such as High School Confidential, North by North West and H.G. Wells’ The The Time Machine. He became heavily involved with Hollywood during the 1960’s, designing  the famed Munster Koach and later versions of the famous talking car KITT from Knight Rider. We here at Nerdbastards wish his family well and tip our hat in  thanks to designs that made their way into our homes and our imaginations.

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