Gotham‘s fall finale airs tonight on Fox, which means this is the last time you’ll be able to thrill to the improbable pre-Batman adventures in Gotham City until the show returns in February. To that end, we’re not going to talk here about the demented plan to sacrifice Bruce Wayne so that Theo Galavan can be king of the world or whatever the hell is going on there. No, let’s get back on track with what Gotham does best: introduce fully formed Batman villains decades before they’re supposed to appear as the Dark Knight’s adversaries. In this case, we’re talking about Mr. Freeze.

An article from USAToday, revealed the all-new, more Captain Cold-ish Mr. Freeze from an upcoming episode of Gotham. The future super-villain played by Nathan Darrow will have more or less the same origin of Victor Fries, AKA: Mr. Freeze, as retconned in Batman: The Animated Series, he’ll be a Wayne Enterprises employee with a specialty in cryonics trying desperately to save his terminally ill wife Nora.

“Victor has one central intimate human connection, and that’s with his wife,” Darrow said in an interview with the paper. “There’s something really, really interesting and vulnerable and difficult about that. Of course, that is threatened by her illness.”

And then things go wrong. Horribly wrong. Ice gun wrong. “I will tell you we’re going to see Mr. Freeze do some things we have never seen him do,” Darrow added cryptically.


I’m guessing the “things” that we’ve “never seen him do” will be relegated solely to the idea that Mr. Freeze, like all Batman villains introduced to Gotham so far, have been introduced at a time where Batman is still worrying about passing algebra. That is, when he’s not worrying about being a human sacrifice. He still have Calendar Man and Hugo Strange to look forward to this season, at which point the question must be answered: what is Gotham once it’s introduced every conceivable Batman villain? Also, who’s going to play King Tut and Egghead in season 3?

The tragic origin of Mr. Freeze – Gotham style – will be reveled on February 29, 2016, when Gotham returns from its midseason hiatus.


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