We’re still about four months away from the release of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and as the calendar turns to 2016 it’s anticipated that info and more clips of the film will be coming our way in greater numbers.  Today we get a quick glimpse at a very interesting-looking scene, with the promise of an extended view coming in just a few days.  This one really does put the “v.” in Batman v. Superman!

Check this short teaser out – it’s a piece of a longer trailer that will debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, December 2nd (check your local listings, kiddos – or just stop by here on the morning of December 3rd, odds are good we’ll have it ready for you to watch and re-watch).

There’s some speculation floating around about what we’re really seeing here.  Superman seems like he’s in full-on Alien Dick Mode here, which is generally unusual for him, so fan theories so far posit that this might be a dream that Batfleck is having, indicating how poop-pants scared he is of having to ultimate-fight a supreme alien being.  Another option making the rounds is that Supes is actually being mind-controlled by Lex Luthor, hence the soldiers bowing to him all yes-master-like and all.  This theory could hold weight, as it appeared in a previous BvS trailer that Superman was actually bowing to Luthor at one point.


What does it all mean?  How will it all go down?  Who’s not wearing pants?  The answers to most of these questions and more come our way when Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 25, 2016.

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