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It’s been three months since Marvel’s Deadpool trailer came out, but now there is a new tease.  The international UK movie poster was released on Twitter with the following caption: “Finally, a hero with worthwhile assets.”  The latest comic super hero film in the Marvel Universe comes out in the U.S. on Febraury 12, 2016, and is already causing a stir due to its controversial R rating.  But it’s not due solely to the shoot-em-up blood and gore one may expect.  Deadpool is known for his sick and twisted sense of humor and antics.  This new poster showcases those qualities of “bad ass” and “smart ass” and gets a little cheeky with the mention of his “great ass”.


Starring Ryan Reynolds as the titular character, Deadpool tells the story of Wade Wilson, a former Special Forces Operative who becomes the subject of a rogue experiment that gives him accelerated healing powers.  He adopts the alter ego Deadpool, a mercenary complete with black and red super suit and dark sense of humor.  Then he hunts down bad guys, as well as the man who ruined his life.  And of course, cracks jokes and slays the ladies.

This is the second time Reynolds has played a superhero.  In 2011 he played Hal Jordan, better known as the Green Lantern, and while the film eventually landed him a wife, it didn’t do much for moviegoers except make them wish they had a time-turner.  So this is his second chance at superhero fame, and hopefully the second time is the charm, because he has stated there will be no third superhero role in his future.  If the trailer and poster are anything to judge by, though, it seems Deadpool will be a good time.  It should be the perfect recipe for success for Reynolds, mixing his funny man roots with some dark and gritty action.

Also starring Morena BaccarinT.J. MillerEd SkreinGina Carano, and Brianna Hildebrand, and directed by the relatively untested Tim MillerDeadpool is technically the first Marvel film of 2016.  However, Fox still owns the rights to X-Men (Wade Wilson, in Marvel lore, is a mutant with advanced agility and reflexes, even before being experimented upon), so it’s not on the offical Marvel calendar.  But that is probably for the best, because it may have been harder to convince the Disney studios that an R rating was necessary.  And a watered down version of the snarky SOB is not something nearly as many people would want to see.

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