Back in 2003 following the successful release of Freddy Vs. Jason, producers wondered where they might next take this new shared universe next. Of course, this was before shared universes became a “thing,” so production stalled, but the most interesting proposal for a sequel was not a face off between Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Michael Myers. No, it was Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash. Ash himself, Bruce Campbell, was a strong proponent of such a fight, but he’s now fighting Deadites weekly on Starz’s Ash Vs. Evil Dead, and Campbell is looking to an old-fashioned TV crossover with none other than The Walking Dead.

Campbell, apparently, has a plan to see Ash and Rick, the main character in AMC‘s The Walking Dead played by Andrew Lincoln, meet up to kick some zombie @$$. Of course, there are natural differences between the “walkers” of The Walking Dead and the Deadites of The Evil Dead, primarily the latter’s leaning towards conversation and slapstick gore, but a good idea is a good idea, and combining two venerable franchises with the word “Dead” in the title is a good idea.

So what would a crossover between these two zombie worlds look like? A page from the script was “leaked” onto Campbell’s Twitter feed.

Kind of anticlimactic, but definitely funny. There’s some serious potential here to make a great short, perhaps through Funny or Die, and give both shows the hilarious send-up they deserve. I presume Campbell’s down to make an appearance, but would Andrew Lincoln be interested in lending his mug to the parody? It might make for a nice break from the sometimes overwhelming nihilism of The Walking Dead.

Ash Vs. The Evil Dead airs Saturdays on Starz; The Walking Dead returns to AMC in February.

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