Surely, most of you have seen the travesty that is the Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. However, while everyone was blowing up the YouTube servers trying to get their eyes on a peek of what’s to come in 2016, the makers of Kickboxer Vengeance dropped the teaser as well! After watching this, you’ll feel much better about the movie industry. At least there will be something else to look forward to 2016.

Obviously before we get into things you may want to see the teaser. Once you do that, we can talk about it’s awesomeness.

Now, wasn’t that refreshing? Remember, it’s a teaser and not the actual trailer. This should leave you wanting more though. Let’s kick things off by talking about Dave Bautista who will be playing the movie’s antagonist – Tong Po. Sadly, all we saw was his back, but it was quite an intimidating looking back with all his tattoos. But for any of you who have seen the original Kickboxer will notice that Baustista is about the size of two Tong Po’s put together side-by-side. Bautista is a big guy and should make for one bad mumbojumbo of a villain.

We also got glimpses of George St-Pierre who looks mad that someone came to visit him. What’s his problem? There was Gina Carano and Alain Moussi (who will be playing Kurt Sloane, the movie’s protagonist). Finally, there was the man himself, Jean-Claude Van Damme in a scene that looked like he was training Alain Moussi. Hopefully he doesn’t go through the rigorous training JCVD did in the original. Although, if he wants to beat someone like the juiced up version of Tong Po, he’ll need it. Also based on what was seen in the teaser, it looks Van Damme wears the same thing throughout the entire film. Which is fine as long as he keeps throwing those roundhouse kicks.

Oh the .gifs I wish I could post here.

Kickboxer Vengeance will kick down the door of movie theaters sometime in 2016.

Source: Comingsoon

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