Mortal Kombat has given us some very unique and interesting characters over the years. Aside from the DC Universe crossover, 2011’s “Mortal Kombat” game was the first time we saw some outside characters competing with the folks from the Netherrealm. “Mortal Kombat” gave us Jason Vorhees and the Predator, and a trailer for the upcoming DLC for “Mortal Kombat X” shows that this title will continue to follow suit. The trailer was leaked ahead of the official announcement at The Game Awards last night, but was confirmed at the show. A previous DLC pack already featured Freddy Kruger, but the upcoming pack will feature four characters: Bo Rai Cho, Tri-Borg, Leatherface, and the Xenomorph.

Leatherface, made famous by the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films, will feature his signature chainsaw, guaranteeing some particularly gruesome fatalities. The Xenomorph, from the Alien film franchise, seems to have arm blades similar to Baraka’s for its weapon. The trailer shows the Chestburster killing Baraka, leaving us to assume it will be available in the game, likely as a fatality. The other two characters, Tri-Borg and Bo Rai Cho, are MK originals. Bo Rai Cho is the overweight drunken martial artist who debuted in “Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance.” Tri-Borg is a brand new character who looks to combine the appearance and abilities of the other three cyborgs, Sektor, Cryax, and Smoke.

The DLC pack is set to be released in early 2016. Now that Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, the Predator, and the Xenomorph have all made it into the Mortal Kombat world, if they are going to keep going, the next logical inclusion to me would be Chucky, and I for one would love the chance to use that possessed evil doll to stab sub-zero a few times. Okay Nerd Bastards, what outsiders of the franchise do you want to see in future DLC or Mortal Kombat games?


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