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They say nothing can keep a good man down, and for Shaquille O’Neal that has never been truer. Despite a bevy of critically panned movies, TV spots and games, the big man just keeps on trucking with a smile on his face.

In 1994, Shaq got together with Publisher EA Games and Delphine Software to make what they hoped would be the next generation of fighting games known as Shaq-Fu. The game was a disaster, featuring poor graphics, muddled fighting mechanics and controls that make you feel like you are navigating a camel through quicksand. It has become a favorite of angry video game reviewers on Youtube and has gone on to be one of those so-bad-its-good games with a strong cult following and now, thanks to crowdfunding giant Indiegogo, Shaq is taking a second stab at the digital world with Shaq-Fu 2: A Legend Reborn.

The developers are promising that the only thing that this game will have in common with the previous entry will be the name and the lead character and from the video posted on their Indigogo funding page, they see to be embracing the absurdity of the premise and having a darn good time with it. And to even sweeten the pot a bit, this will also be a charity game with 5% of the games proceeds going towards the Boys and Girls Club of America, and association that Shaq has been very active with in the past that helps troubled and at risk youths.

Shaq is himself a fan of video games and took to the stage at this years Video Game Awards to give us a first look at the trailer. If you ask me this looks like it might be a balls to wall good time, and I am not even a sports fan!

What do you think, should Shaq be taking a second slice of the pie or should he keep his game on the court? Let us know in the comments below.

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