From the time she saved Andrea’s bacon in the finale of season 2 of The Walking Dead, Michonne’s past has been given to us in bits and pieces along the way. Portrayed on-screen by Danai Gurai, viewers have watched the character prove her worth over and over, from her care of the children to her skill as a badass katana-wielding walker-slayer, yet there are still huge gaps in her history. Telltale Games, known for titles such as Tales from the Borderlands and Minecraft Story Mode, announced that they will look to fill some of that missing canon in an upcoming mini-series game devoted specifically to Michonne.

“The Walking Dead: Michonne” will be a stand-alone, three-episode affair that will fill in some of the missing history for one of the most iconic characters of The Walking Dead – and not just the TV series, but the comics as well. Between issues #125 and #139 of the comic series, Michonne leaves Rick and the group as she battles with ghosts from her past. Players will discover what drove her away from the group, the ghosts that she has to battle, and what brings her back to the protection of the group she has trusted for so long.

We watched as she fought to keep Andrea from causing her own downfall, a battle she ultimately lost, as she had to put a bullet through Andrea’s skull after the Governor decided she had outlasted her usefulness. Viewers witnessed Michonne gain Rick’s trust by providing him with much needed formula for Judith and information on where to locate Glenn and Maggie when they were kidnapped by the Governor. Most especially, we watched as she fought side-by-side with our beloved characters to save the prison, to find shelter when the prison fell, and to help the group survive somehow.  Now we can help her through all-new battles.

“The Walking Dead: Michonne” (A Telltale Game Series) will available for download on PC, MAC, PlayStation3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Android and compatible iOS in February 2016.

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