Apparently Walkers aren’t the only thing trying to get take a bite out of Norman Reedus. Over the weekend, an overzealous The Walking Dead fan went full Walker and took a Norman Reedus sized bite during a photo-op with Reedus and Michael Rooker. Things obviously didn’t go as the fan, Harleygurl68 hoped or planned though. What went down after the bite?

In her own words Hurleygurl68 said this:


Banned for life and hustled out of the convention by security. That wasn’t the usual convention security either, when attending Walker Stalker Conventions Reedus is normally assigned a security officer and a few local Police Officers to help maintain a level of safety for the star. Reedus hasn’t responded to the incident other than this photo-shopped version of the Entertainment Weekly photo shoot on his Twitter account.

Um please don’t 💃🏿

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Michael Rooker was said to have yelled, “What the F@&K was that!” while Hurleygurl68 was hauled out of the convention. He must have gotten a question about the incident later at a panel where he said:

Reedus is known to be very open and giving to his fans, often staying late to make sure everyone in the line has their chance to meet him. While up to now his fans have been able to control themselves, lee’s hope this biting incident doesn’t change the way Reedus responds to his fans. Getting bitten out of the blue, and it must have hurt for the reaction security and the convention took over the incident, would make anyone a little gun-shy about getting close to other fans.


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