It is no secret that some of the biggest gaming franchises have come from the Japanese game developer Capcom, and few have even come close to reaching the heights of Street Fighter. Street Fighter 2 (We’re going to pretend the awful first Street Fighter didn’t happen) was released in arcades in 1991 and changed the face of gaming as we know it. Street Fighter has gone on to grace almost every medium you can think of from collectible card games, board games, kids meal toys, action figures, and Halloween costumes, you name it and Street Fighter has had some version of it. There is one place that Street Fighter has been, shall we say less than successful: Live Action.


That all changed in 2014 when Joey Ansah brought us the backstory of Street Fighter favorites Ken and Ryu in Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist. It premiered on the popular gaming website Machinima to great reviews and is worth a look-see. Now Capcom and Machinima are once again hoping to catch lightning in a bottle, or should that be Hadouken in a bottle, with the announcement of the followup series Street Fighter: Resurrection.

Resurrection will be a five episode miniseries linking up to the highly anticipated release of Street Fighter 5 which is slated to drop February 16th of 2016. Street Fighter: Resurrection will reunite Assassin’s Fist’s producers, Jacqueline Quella and Mark Wooding along with Director and Writer, Joey Ansah. Series originals Mike Moh (Empire) and Christian Howard (The World’s End), will also be reprising their roles as ‘Ryu’ and ‘Ken’.

Set a decade after the events in Assassin’s Fist,  Alain Moussi, as the iconic Street Fighter character Charlie Nash, is targeting legendary Street Fighter champions for mysterious reasons. It’s up to Ryu and Ken to figure out and stop Nash’s plan.


What you think of the look of Nash? Are you looking forward to the series and the game, or will this end up as a pass?

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