MST3K Revival Adds Dan Harmon And Justin Roiland


I think it is safe to say that the Kickstarter started way down in Deep Thirteen is proving that there is a desire for more Mystery Science Theater 3000. With just over two days and one million dollars left in the fundraiser, it is at least confirmed that we will be getting 6 new episodes of riffing goodness and with each subsequent announcement of new cast members the excitement just continues to grow. We now know who will be the new Mads and their hapless victim, but little has been said about the writing staff, that is until now, and show creator Joel Hodgeson just dished up a juicy plate of fan favorites.


Fast on the heels of debuting Patton Oswalt as Tv’s Son of Tv’s Frank, we now know that Dan Harmon, creator of Community and Justin Roiland, creator of Rick and Morty will be lending their considerable comedic talent to riffing the worst cinematic offerings. Harmon himself is no stranger to bringing back a beloved series with Community being perpetually cancelled and renewed then switching formats after being picked up by Yahoo.

These two will be joining comedy writer Rob Schrab, former Simpsons scribe Dana Gould, and Ernest Cline, author of the wildly popular pop-culture-dictionary Ready Player One in providing the riffs for Jonah Ray and the Bots to sling at the screen, not to mention riffs written by backers who paid as much as ten grand to put words in a smarmy puppet’s mouth. And on the heels of this fantastic line-up, Joel is set to release the list of celebrity cameos set to appear in the six episodes sometime tomorrow.

I know I for one am seriously excited for this revival. I was lucky enough to have grown up on a steady stream MST3K and it influenced my personality and sense of humor, some would say for the worse, but to those detractors, I would simply say… “WATCH OUT FOR SNAKES”!

Do you have memories of Joel, Mike Servo and Crow, or are you wondering why people are paying for a silly puppet show? Let us know in the comments below!

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