In one of the most heated debates ever (even hotter Creationism or if God exists), our friendly neighborhood scientist, Bill Nye, has chosen a side in the topic of Star Wars Vs. Star Trek. Many of you are going to continue to love him, and others will begin to dislike him, but in this situation, Nye has chosen Star Trek over Star Wars. It quite obvious that Bill Nye is a man of science. So when it came down to choosing sides, it was simple for him because of one element – The Force.

Now, before you condemn the man, it’s only fair that you listen to what he has to say. Check out this interview he did with Rolling Stone where the question came up.

At this point, you’re either smiling or writing some ridiculous comment about how dumb Bill Nye is. Or you could be doing it even if you agree with him.

Personally, I’m a Star Trek fan. For me, the debate comes down to who would win in a fight between the Millennium Falcon or The Enterprise. More specifically, the Enterprise-D. However, because I’m a fan of both, I never think about it unless it’s brought up. I’m sure, though, you may be looking for a better answer. So in this case, I turned to my friend Derek who is a very passionate fan of Star Wars. He’s well educated and can hold his own when it comes to debating, especially when it comes to Star Wars. Here is what he had to say when I told him about Nye choosing a side, how it came down to the Force, and how he compared it to a religion.

“Bill Nye has made a critical error in his decision to choose Star Trek over Star Wars. I’m a little disappointed that he has allowed his disdain for religion (which I happen share) to cloud his judgement so thoroughly. First, in the Star Wars universe, there is clear evidence that the Force is an actual thing. Miraculous feats performed by the Jedi are obviously more than parlor tricks. To deny the existence of something when there is clearly evidence for it is irrational. Quite frankly, it should be beneath him as a scientist. Second, Star Trek is boring in comparison to Star Wars. I’m pretty sure I can make the case that this is also a scientific fact.”

Well there you have it. And yes, he even scored tickets for the opening of The Force Awakens…even while he was at Disney World. Talk about living the dream.

What do you think of the debate? We want to know what side your on and why. Let us know in the comment section below!

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