I would warn you about SPOILERS here, but I don’t actually know what those spoilers are in this new Star Wars: The Force Awakens International trailer. While I am posting it here, I haven’t watched it, and plan not to. That’s right, this is a blind post for all intents and purposes. I have reached the point where enough is enough for me. It will be hard enough to avoid spoilers for the next eight days let alone the additional two until I see it in the theater that following Sunday. I’ll still give it the old college spoiler avoidance try though. I wonder how many Bothans I will have to kill to keep those spoilers from reaching me?

OK, for the rest of you that want to know everything before the movie hits theaters, click on through and watch the trailer.

Before we get to that. Have you seen the Chinese movie poster that clipped out a lot of the main characters of color or the hairy ones? That’s fracked up.


That’s gotta be an awkward conversation for the Chinese Press… wait.. they don’t really have a press, just a government agency that tells them what is what. I would say thank the Lords of Kobal for the Internet, but I imagine the government blocks the majority of that too.

Let’s see, here are a couple of predictions on what I think you’ll see in this trailer:

  • Han shoots first… Rey shoots even faster.
  • Finn… well maybe you won’t see him at all in this trailer.
  • Lot’s and lot’s of C3-PO, R2-D2, BB-8 and any other droid they can cram in there.

Here’s that trailer, enjoy it for those that want to see what it has new and different. Me, I’m just gonna go in the next room while you watch.


This is me virtually putting my fingers in my ears singing to drown out anything you might be saying after watching that trailer. I don’t want to know… I don’t want you to comment below about what you saw… I don’t want to read that either.

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