First ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Trailer Is Here!


Bryan Singer‘s latest crack at bringing Marvel’s mutants to the big screen, X-Men: Apocalypse, has its first official trailer making the Internet rounds today and there is a hell of a lot to look at. Hardcore fans might still be having issues with Apocalypse’s look, but you can’t argue that Singer is making him as big a threat as he ever was in the comics. Take a look.apocsnickers

Here’s the trailer:

You can tell that there was an effort to “Blue” Apocalypse up some, even in those shadowy scenes that gave him a purple look that got fans riled up. There’s a lot more in that trailer though. How about Mystique stepping up and taking charge on the Mutant battlefield? That was awesome, finally JLaw is getting some leadership time on X-Men. Archangel looks awesome with those flying blades… and that scene with big Apoc? Oh Yeah…

Now let’s talk about that last scene…

A very nice “Ohh Yeeeaahhh” moment for me. James McAvoy‘s Professor has never looked so good and so dangerous. He’s got that “Don’t fuck with my students!” look on his face… and that head.. that gloriously hairless head.

What was your big moment in this trailer?

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