NBC‘s network flagship, Saturday Night Live, is currently celebrating its 40th anniversary. In 40 years, it’s only natural that SNL has had its ups and downs, but the show has undeniably played a large role in shaping the current cultural landscape. From Tina Fey to Will Ferrell to Jimmy Fallon to Adam Sandler; for better and worse, the SNL influence can be found all over TV and the big screen every year. After so much time and so many sketches, how does the cast of SNL manage to keep it mostly fresh? Well, the cast has an answer for that question in a hilarious mock commercial from last night’s episode. The commercial is obviously capitalizing on all the buzz for the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In the commercial, SNL brilliantly satirizes the tendency of nerds to collect nerd things like the ridiculous, overgrown children they are. Let’s watch below!

What a fresh and witty take on a demographic that rarely gets taken on: nerds! The commercial begins like any other toy commercial, with a couple of children playing with the toys, but the sketch quickly gets to the point when a couple of old, nerdy men (played by Bobby Moynihan and Taran Killam) rush in and suggest that the children could have more fun by just keeping the toys in the boxes and looking at them. Having fired off the entire punchline right out of the gate, you might think that the sketch would either come to a nice, succinct close or move on to other territory. It does neither, however, and boldly reiterates the exact same joke for a full two minutes. The commercial is truly one of the best ad nauseam jokes since most Family Guy episodes and early Andy Kaufman bits, with the exception of the humor.

The sketch does take a slight break from its rigor mortised horse for a brief moment when one of the boys mentions having a wife to one of the nerds, who immediately begins crying out of loneliness. Do you get it? Since you probably don’t possess the rare comic genius necessary to comprehend such a complex joke, we’ll endeavor to explain it to you. It’s because nerds don’t get women. This truly is the freshest of comedic fare, reminiscent of every scene in every episode of all nine seasons of The Big Bang Theory, but still uniquely transcendent.

Some may say this is just a lazy retread of well-worn territory, but those people are obviously overly sensitive people who have seen more than one or two episodes of any sitcom ever produced. SNL, we know that after 40 years not every sketch can be a winner, but keep putting on top notch, innovative, scathing political and social commentary like this and you can bet we’ll keep you around for another 40.

What do you think of the sketch? Did you love it as much as we did?

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