One of the best things about being a space pirate is the ability to basically thumb your nose at the law, yelling out the window of your space ship “I DO WHAT I WANT” as you do point five past light speed in a school zone. But every now and then, it is nice to know that what you do in a Cantina full of the most vile and despicable scum in the universe is on the side of the law and now we have a legal confirmation that Han Solo was well within his rights as a galactic citizen to shoot Greedo first.

Over at Legal Geeks (and you thought it could’t get any geekier than here) a lawyer has set legal precedent that Han was legally justified in shooting Greedo in self defense in the Cantina scene in Star Wars.

Greedo made it clear that he intended to kill Han when they sat down at the table, placing Han in a corner and not giving him a way to retreat from the situation, legally justifying his use of deadly force (per the American Justice Code, of course.)

Please, feel free to dig into the legal-ese over at Legal Geeks, but it basically boils down to the fact that Han knew his life was in danger and had no other way to escape, leaving him with the only recourse but to kill Greedo before he himself was shot. That is until George Lucas came in and mucked about with the movie, but I will try to pretend that didn’t happen.

“Without a doubt, having a blaster pointed directly at Han put his life in danger. Additionally, Greedo’s statement, “That’s the idea. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time,” communicated Greedo’s intent to kill Han. Shooting first was seemingly the only way to prevent Greedo from using deadly force himself.

Regarding the retreat issue, Han was already at gunpoint and cornered in the booth when Han shot Greedo. It is unlikely Han could have retreated with his back to the wall and in a seated position. Shooting his way out appeared to be his only option. Finally, reasonable belief wouldn’t be hard to prove. Han was in Mos Eisley Spaceport, a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Greedo had his weapon pointed at Han the entire time, with Han cornered in a booth. This should be sufficient to show the reasonableness of the threat to Han’s life.”

So what do you think? Does this add to Han’s Bad-Assery? Or does Han working within the legal boundries take away from his smugglar style? Let us know in the comments!


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