Thanks, Deadpool! Earlier today, 20th Century Fox released a video featuring everybody’s favorite Merc with a Mouth. The video features Ryan Reynolds in full Deadpool gear, sitting in front of a Christmas tree, sipping what is hopefully just eggnog. In the video, Deadpool lays out a plan to give us the Twelve Days of Deadpool. Every day, starting today, Deadpool promotional material will be released through a different source, leading up to a new trailer being released on Christmas Day. The first trailer was pretty great and there’s no reason to think the second one won’t be just as amazing. Today, the promotional material is a spicy new Deadpool poster released through Entertainment Weekly. Check it out below!


What a beautiful Christmas package! This isn’t the first risque poster for Deadpool, but it cetainly takes it to a new level. The suggestive poster focuses on Deadpool’s ‘Wise Man,’ with a caption that reads “Wait ’til you get a load of me.” Obviously, this is a double entendre, combining a common idiom for experiencing something with the dual meaning of the word load suggesting that… we’ll have to… load these images onto our computers. Yeah, we’ll go with that. Anyway, what a wonderful first day of Deadpool! He truly is the most generous of superheroes!

So far, Deadpool‘s viral marketing has been pitch perfect, steadily building anticipation for the February 12th release date. Be sure to check back in with NerdBastards through Christmas, as we’ll be counting down all Twelve Days of Deadpool with you, culminating with the new trailer drop on Christmas Day.

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