Harrison Ford Star Wars SpoilersIf you’ve been anywhere near social media over the past few days you are most likely very aware of two things, that Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens tomorrow in wide release (many advance screenings have already happened globally) and that apparently, a select group of (for lack of a better term) people out there, a particular pivotal scene/event/plot point should be spoiled, publicly, for those yet to see the film.

There has been a deluge of spoilers* hitting the internet over the past few hours, from official Star Wars fan pages to IMDB and Wiki pages, heck even our own Facebook fan page (which, if you have not joined, you totally should… unless of course you want to post spoilers,) has been hit with links, clips, and… well, jerks.

People, seriously, calm down. For whatever reasoning you have  to take the internet and spoil* the movie for the masses (and there are numerous theories and reasonings for those actions out there that I won’t bother entertaining here,) well, maybe you just shouldn’t. But hey, why listen to some chubby dude behind a keyboard, right? (you chubby dude behind a keyboard.) How about letting Han Solo, Indiana Jones, and a very well regarded Henry tell you himself. 
Buzzfeeed UK had the chance to pose the question about the posting of spoilers* on the internet to beloved actor/mediocre pilot, Harrison Ford,  and this is what he came back with.

Stop that. Don’t do that. Please don’t do that. Don’t do that, because people are paying to get in and they should experience the movie. Talk about it later. Please. Don’t tell people what happens before they go into the theatre.
You paid for it. So let them pay for it. And let them enjoy the full satisfaction in having earned the experience, because you want your audience to have an experience, not have something served to them. There’s a menu, you choose what you want to take from it. But you don’t want to spoil it.

So… well, there. He told you.

Ford also gave a quick kudos to the media for the (mostly) spoiler free reviews out there, saying “I have never seen the press be so respectful. I don’t know if they deserve it, but I think the audience does.” (speaking of reviews if you haven’t read ours, you totally should… unless of course you want to post spoilers.)

Ya know… this is one of the times where I think the endless looping of a Vine really works. If you have or are considering posting a spoiler for Episode VII (or any movie/show/book) for the direct and explicit intent of being a jerk… Listen to Mr. Ford endlessly, again and again.  Over and over. Ya… that’s the guy who cameo’d in The Expendables 3 judging you for your choices.

Let that sink in a little.

via Scott Bryan/Buzzfeed UK


*FYI, we do mean the type of spoilers that are randomly thrust out onto message boards and comment threads and other publicly viewable areas with the intent of reaching the eyes of people yet to see the movie.

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