Sweet Christmas, do we have Deadpool treats for you today! That’s Luke Cage’s thing, not mine! Shut up, we’re writing an article here. Well, stop it and send someone out for chimichangas. Seriously, these people are going to think we’re weird! Hi there, readers. Sorry about that. Anyway, earlier this week, 20th Century Fox released a video, featuring Ryan Reynolds in full Deadpool gear, outlining a plan to give us Twelve Days of Deadpool. We’ve already seen days one and two. Now let’s take a look at all the gifts brought to us by the wise people behind Deadpool for the third and fourth days. It’s a heckuva lot better than some stupid Frankincense and myrrh, without a doubt! By the way, if we’re ever shivering in the cold, please hold off on the silver and gold until our body temperature is back within normal range.

The first gift was a gif brought to us by DeviantArt. It details a battle plan in the same manner as the one drawn out by Macaulay Culkin’s character in Home Alone. You can check it out in Ryan Reynolds’ tweet here:

Here’s a still of the battle plan to study in case the gif is moving a little too quickly for you:


 As if that weren’t cool enough, Empire Magazine released this image today:


And if the following Deadpool Christmas list tweeted from Reynolds is to be believed, we should be getting a Deadpool cover shoot in the near future.

So there’s Day Three and Day Four of Deadpool. Be sure to check back in everyday until we get a new movie trailer for Christmas. Hasta manana!

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