Ever wonder how Kevin McCallister turned out after the events in Home Alone? Jack Dishel’s new webseries :DRYVRS tackles the question in the first episode with an appearance by Macaulay Culkin. The episode, called “Just Me in the House By Myself,” clocks in at just over five minutes, but it gives the audience a pretty good idea of how Kevin’s life has gone since that fateful week when he was eight years old.
The thirty-something Kevin shows up jittery and mad as Jack’s Uber-like driver, admitting he’s filling in for a drugged-out wife and that he doesn’t know how to drive. Jack takes over the wheel as Kevin tells him exactly why he’s ignoring calls from his mother, detailing the plot of 1990’s Home Alone.

Kevin may be “ice cold” to his mom, but her sins are much worse, he tells Jack, explaining how his whole family left him behind during Christmas time. He still has nightmares from the week he spent defending himself from two psychopath home invaders.”They remembered my b—–d of a brother, but they forget me,” he says, becoming even more agitated. “the cutest f—–g eight-year-old in the universe.”

When Jack and Kevin are the victims of an attempted carjacking, the humor goes from dark to pitch black in a hurry. Watch through the end credits to see one last bit from Culkin and you may not look at Christmas lights the same way for a long time.

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