The 12 Days of ‘Deadpool’ Reveals… A Sweater?


On the first day of Deadpool, we got a new poster. On the second day of Deadpool, we got a dirty .gif. On the third day of Deadpool, we got another .gif, this one of the Merc with the Mouth’s Home Alone like battle plan. Then, yesterday, on the fourth day, we got Deadpool’s very special Christmas list with one wish fulfilled in the form of the new Empire cover. So what do we get on the five day of Deadpool? Well, get ready for the incredible horror that can only come from the following three words: Deadpool’s Christmas sweater.

Seriously, you might not be able to handle this, so one final warning before you scroll down…

Told you that you couldn’t handle it. Considering the tenor of the Christmas offerings so far, not to mention the general tone and appeal of the character Deadpool, this image is bizarrely tame. Heck, had this come out a month ago, it might be fit to put on the front of your own Christmas card. Your mom would never know that the comic book character on the front of the Yuletide missive you sent her is a foul-mouth, self-referential assassin with a dirty mind. What about the “Deadpool?” You can say its Finnish for “masked man.” How would she know?

Remember that this is just day five of the 12 Days of Deadpool, a nearly two week long promotion for the comic book movie coming out on February 12, 2016. We’ll be counting down to Day 12, Christmas Day, and the release of an all new Deadpool trailer in green band and red band versions. Stay tuned.

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