When Showtime announced that production of the Twin Peaks revival had been pushed back, many  fans were concerned that the series would be on halt indefinitely. However, with the new teaser trailer,  fans once again can feel the anticipation of seeing their favorite characters from the Pacific Northwest.

Fans are given a tease that will send shivers up their spine. The trailer features hauntingly beautiful  shots of the Pacific Northwestern area set to the chillingly familiar ‘Twin Peaks’ theme music. Actor  Michael Horse, who plays Deputy Hawk in the original series, can be heard throughout these shots  discussing the ‘holy places up here, a lot of sacred places’ and how a ‘location sometimes becomes a  character.’ He continues by describing the experience ‘like being in a moving painting.’ Fans also get a  short glimpse of the “Welcome to Twin Peaks” sign before the whole shot goes blurry and the face of an  unidentified man covers the screen.  In true ‘Twin Peaks’ fashion, fans will be left with little to go on  from the trailer to draw their conclusions.

There will be a number of returning veterans including Kyle MacLachlan as FBI Agent Dale Cooper as well as directors and executive producers David Lynch and Mark Frost.

This highly anticipated series has been considered groundbreaking and a highly influential broadcast.  The series follows the residents of the small town who were shocked when the homecoming queen,  Laura Palmer, was murdered. Dale Cooper, and FBI agent is welcomed by the town’s sheriff to help with  the investigation. However, Cooper discovers a lot more than he expected when the town’s secrets are  revealed throughout the investigation. He sets off a chain of events the sends the inhabitants of Twin  Peaks plunging into a dark and disturbing examination of their existence. Showtime’s series will pick up  twenty-five years later.

This highly anticipated series is currently in production for 18 episodes directed by David Lynch and  written by Lunch and Mark Frost. Fans can expect the limited series to air sometime in 2017.

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