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When it was announced that Jurassic World achieved the biggest box office opening of all time, nerds everywhere were like “Yeah, just wait until Star Wars Episode VII comes around”. And, well, wouldn’t you know… that’s exactly what happened. Jurassic World’s moment in the sun has  ended – the new king of the Box Office prevails! Star Wars: The Force Awakens annihilated the box office rankings and knocked Jurassic World off its pedestal. But there’s no hard feelings. Jurassic World laid down their fiddle cause they knew they’d been beat (little obscure Charlie Daniels reference there).

As acknowledgement, Jurassic World producer Frank Marshall tweeted the image below of a Tyrannosaurus rex bestowing a medal on BB-8, along with the message “Universal Pictures, Steven, Frank and Colin congratulate Star Wars: The Force Awakens on the biggest opening weekend in galactic history.”

OK, BB-8 is cute and everything but the folks behind this acknowledgment should have gone with Chewbacca – that furry bastard never got a medal.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens earned $238 million in the U.S., compared to Jurassic World‘s $208.8 million, plus another $279 million internationally for a $517 million worldwide total. And that’s yet factoring in China’s numbers, where it won’t premier for them until January.

So there you go, “biggest box office opening of all time”, was there really any doubt?

Now, unto slapping Avatars $2.7 global run off the map. Star Wars has got a while to go before that happens, but it’ll likely happen. If and when it does, wonder if James Cameron will send a fruit basket.

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