DC’s television properties have never been one to shy away from bringing in the villains both great and obscure and with a fourth show set to debut early next year, who knows how far down they will climb in the barrel to bring up that baddie goodness. However, if you are a fan of Kevin Smith’s Fatman On Batman podcast, co-hosted by Marc Bernardin, you got to hear Supergirl executive producer and writer Andrew Kreisberg drop a bombshell on the heads of DC fans with an announcement of an upcoming favorite gracing the small screen.

Since we now live in a world where Gorilla Grodd can make an appearance in the live action Flash, we now know that legendary “Super” villain Bizzaro will be getting the small screen treatment. Kreisberg is quoted as saying…

“We’ve got the Toyman coming up, we got Bizarro.”

That is some pretty big news for fans of DC comics. Bizzaro is one of Superman and Supergirl’s longest running foes. He made his epic debut in Superboy #68, which hit shelves back in 1958. He is normally portrayed as the mirror opposite of Superman and talks in opposites with powers very similar to Supes. Bizzaro has been a steady fan favorite since his debut and has been seen in comics, cartoons, toys, video games and now will be conquering the television.

However, it is not yet known which version of Bizzaro we will be getting, as Supergirl has her own mirrored villain who is Bizzaro’s backward cousin who comes from Htrae, which is Earth backwards and comes equipped with Rock Vision which she uses to entomb Supergirl in the comics. The Bizarro characters have never actually been evil, but more simply the opposite, never quite understanding what they are truly doing is wrong and hurting people. It will be interesting to see which route they go with this, but I can say this for sure, it is certainly a great time to be a fan!


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