In the aftermath of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, many people have voiced their appreciation to director J.J. Abrams for his work on the film despite the commonly held criticism that it’s all just a remix of that first Star Wars in 1977. Considering all that, what is really making film fans excited is the man who will be behind the script and the lens for Episode VIII, renowned filmmaker Rian Johnson. Johnson’s beloved for his work on the films Brick, Brothers Bloom and Looper, not to mention several epsiodes of Breaking Bad, but his work on the Episode VIII is reportedly so good that Abrams is jealous that Johnson’s going to get to make it.

While talking to The Washington Post, Abrams’ good friend and collaborator Greg Grunberg – who, incidentally, played X-Wing pilot “Oh” Snap Wexley in The Force Awakens – spilled the beans about the Episode VII director’s reaction to the script written by Episode VIII’s director.

He read it and said something he never, ever says. He said: ‘It’s so good, I wish I were making it.’

He may have said something one time on Lost, with Damon [Lindelof, the co-creator], but I never hear him express regret like that.

Episode VIII official begins production early next year, which is in two weeks now, for a May 2017 release date. After that, Johnson will hand over the keys to Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow for the final part of the trilogy, although Johnson will reportedly have some input on the script for Episode IX as well. But if Abrams is this excited about Johnson has in store for the next chapter of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, then I think we all have to start getting our expectations sorted for what may be coming with this next saga film.

We’ll have more news about Episode VIII as it becomes available.

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