‘Tis the season for a lot of things – vacation time, family visits, gifts, basketball games, and a new Deadpool teaser! That’s right! A new teaser has been released for a new…Deadpool teaser? Well, the Merc with a mouth is at it again. This time, along with his buddy Weasel, delivering a small holiday tale informing everyone that in between basketball games this Christmas, new footage from the Deadpool movie will be released. For some of you this is great news, and for others it may be torture having to endure a basketball game just to catch a glimpse of your favorite anti-hero.

Well, there you have it. They’re really pushing this movie, and rightfully so. It’s hard to believe that it comes out in a couple of months. As a movie fan, as a comic book fan, as a geek, this is a really special time. Fifteen years ago, when the first X-Men movie was released, fans were in awe that something like that had finally made it on to the big screen. And now they’re everywhere. There have been three Hulks, two Fantastic Four families, and new X-Men in a pear tree!

Make sure to tune into ESPN on Christmas Day to catch the new Deadpool footage in between the games.

Deadpool hits theaters on Feb. 12, 2016.


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