During the height of Star Wars: The Force Awakens theatrical release, there was one unified request across the internet. That request being “don’t spoil the movie”. As matter of respect and common courtesy, fans shouldn’t be coming out of the theater and discussing the movie in front of a line going into the next showing, work water coolers (in shot of co-workers), or should fans be sharing their thoughts/views in social media feeds and comment sections that aren’t clearly labeled with a spoiler warning. Sadly, this is a courtesy that is lost on some people. Leaving fans to post reminders across the web, having to tell viewers to not be dicks. Some people, however, have been real jerks showing no regard to courtesy; with some threatening to, or purposely, spoil the movie as a means of getting a sick sense of satisfaction in getting a rise out people.

For one fan, the threat of spoilers did not sit well with him – taking a extreme proactive approach to ward off these darth doers. Taking that Liam Neeson Taken spoof meme “If You Spoil Star Wars, I Will Find You and I Will Kill You” to the literal sense.

Arthur Clark (18) of Helena, Montana, came to learn specific plot points and other film reveals from a friend on Facebook on Thurs (12/18) and decided to let the anger flow through him. He sent the other teen a photo of himself holding a gun and threatened he’d shoot him at school. Roy reportedly claimed the gun was a Colt 1911 with a “hair trigger”. His target, of course, notified officials and the school.

Someone threatening violence with a gun, at school? Gee, wonder how this plays out.

The school didn’t take the threat lightly. Officials put the school on lockdown out of fear that Arthur Roy would make good on his threat. Lockdown was lifted when Roy was apprehended and arrested. Comically – according to charging documents – Roy’s mother wanted to know why her son was arrested, since the gun in the photo was only a BB gun, according to her.

Who the hell feels strongly enough about Star Wars to shoot somebody over it. We all know the appropriate response to Star Wars spoilers is Force choking.

Joking aside, what an idiot. Nerds should be better than that.

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