“Let’s talk about Rey, Baby. Let’s talk about Rey”

Actress Daisey Ridley plays, Rey,  a desert wandering, speeder bike driving, scavenger in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. To those that haven’t see the movie, that’s what she has appeared to be on the surface – and for the most part, she is all that. Those that have seen the flick will tell you her story is much more than that. At this  point, in this posting, if you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want to know more about her, then consider this your exit. For the rest of you, a new development has just been revealed concerning the characters secret lineage.

Consider this your last spoiler warning.

So, you’ve seen the movie, you know that Rey is literally the main character of the film. You’ll have noticed that her story parallels Luke Skywalker (lonely child on a desert planet, meets a droid, runs into Han solo, learns about the force, and goes on a heroes journey… blah… blah… blah)  – so much so, that fans have been referring to her as “girl Luke”. You’ll also know that the main villain of the movie is Kylo-Ren, who is later to be revealed as Han Solo and Lei Organa’s son, Ben Solo. Because of self doubt and Daddy issues, Ben – in what is the most severe Emo phase of all time – goes to the dark side. He goes after Rey, not for her specifically, but her droid BB-8. When captured, it turns out she is force sensitive and under stress the force awakens in her (hence the title of the movie) and she proceeds to kick the living heck out of Ren, using the force as her ally .  Now, there is no familial relationship between Ren or Rey established on screen but there is was definitely something implied regarding their connection to each other. Particularly due to the force dream Rey has, when she uncovers Luke Skywalkers lightsaber and the visions of a Jedi training academy massacre at the hands of Ren, when Rey was a wee youngling. But that’s about as much of her past that was revealed.

This has left fans to wonder *in best Jerry Seinfeld impression* “Just what is the deal with Rey?”. Is she related to Ren –  are they brother and sister – is she perhaps Luke Skywalkers kid – maybe a Jedi born of immaculate conception (like Vader)? One of these theories may have just been accidentally confirmed.

Already removed from Disney’s channel, a bit of gameplay from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Disney Infinity game has seemingly revealed the true nature of Rey’s ancestry.

Unable to confirm whether or not this is legit canon, or just an assumption made by developers, or maybe a bit of misheard dialogue, but around the 20:30 mark in the footage (above) Kylo Ren shouts at Rey saying “Face me, cousin”.

Fans already made the jump and have widely accepted that Rey must be Luke’s abandoned child. This video pretty much affirms that speculation. Given that Disney has removed this footage from their channel, seemingly seals the deal. It should be noted, however, that keen listeners have played the video and heard it is the word “curses” Ren shouts, not “cousin”.

Disney will undoubtedly scuttle this little gaffe (if at all true), ignoring it without comment. Fans may never really know for sure Rey’s parentage until 520 something days from now when Episode VIII rolls around.


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