Of the many persistent questions about the pending February release of Deadpool, was whether or not Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman, might make an appearance. At this point, there’s never been an X-Men movie without Jackman’s character, even if it’s been in a mere cameo capacity like in X-Men: First Class, but it’s starting to looking a lot like Deadpool is going to break some new ground in that regard. Or is it? As part of the ongoing “12 Days of Deadpool,” Day 11, the day before the release of the new trailer, is being brought to us by one Hugh Jackman.

Direct from the Twitter account of that merry mutant…

And now, because it’s tradition, the 11th Day of Deadpool has brought us a trailer for the trailer.

The full trailer will air during tomorrow’s holiday NBA games on ESPN, but it will likely appear online shortly before, or shortly after that in both its red and green band versions. Remember, those aren’t holiday colors! The green band is for general audiences, and the red is for the version with all the naughty bits.

Deadpool will be in theaters everywhere on February 12, 2016.

Source: MovieWeb

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