From the folks who bring you honest reviews of movies and games in plethora for our amusement, we bring you Honest Game Trailers getting down and dirty, as they pick apart Star Wars Battlefront by EA. The highly hyped addition to the Battlefront series was said to bring vivid graphic updates paired with all new modes of gameplay, and while Honest Game Trailer does give them just due for EA “trying” it hones in on the true qualms that many had with this game that played on our nostalgia, all the while leading us down the rabbit-hole of frustration.

The important take aways from the following trailer are as follows:

  • The 2015 Reboot of the beloved game series is visually stunning but it is a letdown when it comes to the actual gameplay.
    • It is missing an actual campaign, which starts off for the first few seconds and then proceeds to throw you into random battles with no beneficial movement in the plot.
  • In classic EA fashion, much of the game is easily playable within three hours, but most of the juicy content that was promised is part of 4+ paid content, which at the end of it all, will drain you of more than you expected when it comes to experiencing stellar gameplay.
  • The game handling is a Battlefield with Storm Troopers.
    • This includes random spawning in the middle of a heavy “fire-fight”, getting shot in the back (a lot), and character options just fall flat.

Gamers are split on Star Wars: Battlefront, and it definitely shows when looking at the underwhelming sales numbers compared to the companies initial projections on game sales.  Many claim this is the  Star Wars video game that everyone’s been waiting for, while fans of the classic series argue that EA and DICE are just using nostalgia to get at gamers’ wallets. So tell us, in the comments below,  where do you stand on the game?

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