Following a season-wide leave of absence, Bran Stark is scheduled to return to Westeros and throw in the gauntlet for Season 6. After following the three-eyed raven into an undead pit-trap and being saved by (what we can only assume to be) a wizened forest creature with access to fireball spells, the broken young Stark is scheduled to make a new appearance in the show.


Judging by the photos released by Entertainment Weekly, Bran appears to be going through a significant growth spurt, pulling through puberty and hopefully getting a couple Druid levels in the process. On our end, NerdBastards wishes to see Bran playing a more active role in fighting for the Starks and maybe shining a ray of hope for the fantasy genre’s most suffering family of good guys.

We’re also hoping that the show decides to [CONTENT REDACTED BY MODS DUE TO SPOILERS] and that [CONTENT BLOCKED BY EDITOR DUE TO EXCESSIVE SPOILERS]. I mean, can you imagine Daenerys getting [SPOILERS LALALALALALA CAN’T SHOW THIS] and Tyrion in power armor? Man, if they pull that off Season 6 is going to be a treat.

The season will begin to air in April 2016 on HBO. The network went ahead this summer to confirm that the series will be continued up to at least Season 8.

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