While this new cobbled together series of misfit CW Arrow & The Flash heroes and villains looks like a hell of a lot of fun, the new trailer should leave one with some important questions like, “How will the time-line survive these heroes?” Seriously, there are two criminals with ray guns who have killed before, a reformed assassin that was resurrected using a method that inflicts the need to kill on those that use it, along with the remaining team made up of neophyte heroes that are more likely to get others killed right before getting themselves killed. Sounds like a perfect timeline affecting storm if you ask me.


OK, let’s start this off by watching the trailer with the above thoughts in mind:

Gotta say I loved that “How many knives do you have?” line, but it also is what got me thinking about the timeline and how these characters that are supposed to save it, might just end up wrecking the whole thing. Surely most of those reading this post have read or at least heard of Issac Asimov‘s A Sound Of Thunder which tells the tale of a time traveling hunting trip in which the death of a butterfly changes the timeline when those hunters return to their own time.

If the White Canary is using knives then you know someone is not surviving those attacks. Will this team be wrecking and then fixing the timeline every episode? Perhaps they will only kill Vandal Savages minions, but couldn’t that also affect the time line?

The only word of advise I have is to just forget about the timeline stuff and roll with it. Worrying none stop about it will only cause you heartache and headaches. On another note, personally my hope is that the show doesn’t also adopt the Forrest Gump time travel effect. That is where one of our heroes inadvertently does something while in the past, that becomes the new hot thing and changes who first introduced that new thing or perhaps tries to explain how the original creator actually came up with the idea. I.E. how Elvis got that funky hound dog dance step.

There are sure to be some of those type moments though, the writers won’t be able to ignore that low hanging comedic fruit.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow premieres on the CW January 21st, 2016.

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