With the hype slowly slowing down into manageable levels for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, fans are  returning from their repeat-viewing of the film abd asking “Wait, where did Kylo Ren get that near-mint condition Vader funerary pyre collectible anyway?” Apparently, the story lies in the newly expanded universe of Star Wars fiction, specifically in Delilah S. Dawson‘s short story The Perfect Weapon.


Apparently, Kylo Ren, AKA: Ben Solo found the helmet after assigning Bazine (the woman that tips off the First Order to Han Solo and Co. appearing at Maz Kanata’s) the task of retrieving a mysterious package from a planet that used to house recovering Stormtroopers. The contents of the mysterious package are not made clear in the story, but the author clearly states that it belonged to Jor Tribulus, a commanding officer at the battle of Endor.

After escaping the furry onslaught of Ewoks and fighting back the shock of seeing his men cannibalized by a cute children’s toy line, he stumbled upon the remains of Darth Vader’s funeral pyre’ and retrieved something quite interesting. The hint on the contents of Tribulus’ package was left at that, a hint, so we decided to settle for this teaser for now, because we are professionals and we’re not supposed to throw tantrums on Twitter in a vain effort to force other professionals to spoil their own billion-dollar franchise.

But that’s not all. Marvel Comics then went ahead to offer more hints with a brand new Star Wars comic book series that will start off with a one-shot comic book on February 24th. This book will also attempt to shed some light on the matter of another story thread that many fans shrugged off: the case of C-3PO’s mismatched hand, which, as they claim, is a “memento of another droid’s sacrifice.” You’d think with all that emotional backdrop, C-3PO would just say that he should switch back to his original arm as soon as someone brought it up, but what do we know about robot-grief?


It’s going to be almost a year and a half until Episode VIII hits theaters on May 2017 and we get a chance to gradually unravel the mysteries of this new trilogy. We guess we’ll settle with Rick And Morty‘s third season to keep us appeased until then.

Oh, wait.

They’re scheduled to be released at the same time?

Man, 2017 is going to kick ass.

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