Tom Holland Couldn’t Be More Excited To Be Spider-Man


It’s safe to say that Tom Holland is a little bit happy to be playing Spider-Man, or, at least, the latest incarnation of the big screen Spider-Man now officially part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Currently doing publicity for Ron Howard’s recently released In The Heart of the Sea, Holland is naturally being asked lots of questions about ‘ole Webhead, his part in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War and the future Spider-Man reboot that’s not a reboot movie. And he couldn’t be more enthusiastic.

Here’s Holland’s quote from the Belfast Telegraph:

“Captain America: Civil War will be a brilliant movie, a huge movie, and I’ll have the support of the success of that movie so that I can go into my own. It was a real eye-opener to what it will be like when I start my film. I think the problem with Civil War for me was that it made me ten times more excited to start on Spider-Man, but we don’t start for months, so I’ve got to sit on that excitement for the moment.”

It’s an interesting tack that Marvel is taking with one of their most beloved characters. While Sony will still be making standalone Spidey films, the character will be tied to the MCU with Marvel having him back to play with the Avengers later in Phase 3, and in return, Marvel may even loan out Iron Man or Thor to show up in a Sony solo Spider-Man film. (Isn’t it nice when people can all play nicely together?)

Holland’s first Spider-Man appearance, of course, is in Civil War, but there’s been rumors that Spidey will also be in another Marvel movie next year with Holland seen on the Doctor Strange set via an official Tweet from the executive producer. Clearly, there’s confidence in Holland, and they [rightly)] feel that the audience doesn’t care for yet another origin story, so instead we will get a fully formed Spidey and Peter Parker dropped straight into the action while giving Holland the protection of some Avenger veterans. There’s a lot of trust in Marvel and their casting decisions but it’s hard not to imagine what Andrew Garfield could have done with this as easily.

Captain America: Civil War will be released May 6th 2016, followed by Doctor Strange on November 4th 2016, and the new as-yet-untitled Spider-Man July 28th 2017.

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