After years of speculation, poorly-written fanfiction, and tales of woe regarding the disasterrific implications of casting Ryan Reynolds in the role of everyone’s favorite meta-superhuman, Deadpool moves closer and closer to finally being a thing. The staff here at Nerdbastards is torn: we’re excited over the studio’s decision to keep the core of the movie as deep and down and dirty as possible, but we’re also leery of the move of the writing team pulling their punches at the last second and easing up for a more “all-ages” film.  Hope not!

What we noticed recently, however (tongues flapping as we stuck our heads out of the window of the hype train), were the newest screen shots released from the film’s crew (via an Empire article), verifying Negasonic Teenage Warhead in her “New Mutants” costume in the film, (possibly) alongside everyone’s favorite Communist, X-Men’s Colossus.

For the uninitiated, Negasonic was a student of Emma Frost (better known to some as the White Queen), making her first appearance in “New X-Men” #115. She was a powerful mutant on the up-and-up, possessing the ability to foresee the future with nearly pinpoint accuracy. Following her death (spoilers) after the Necroshan event and her subsequent resurrection, her powers were severely limited, allowing her to only be able to predict the movement of her fellow Necroshans, albeit with far greater accuracy. Also, this whole coming back from the dead thing really exacerbated her goth phase. It’s almost kind of silly now.

We are yet to find out whether the Deadpool movie will allow Negasonic to reveal the full extent of her powers, or whether it will strictly stick to the canon. Either way, we think that she will make for a great surly “straight gal” to counteract Deadpool’s ridiculous exploits.  Fox has confirmed that they are working on a New Mutants film, and that Negasonic is planned to be in that film as well.

Deadpool opens nationwide on February 12, 2016.



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