It is no surprise to any fanboy or fangirl that since the golden age of comics, DC and Marvel have always enjoyed a friendly rivalry. In fact, some of the best work from each company has come as a direct answer to something the other company has put out. There was a time that every ten years or so, Marvel and DC would even team up some of their biggest stars in the annual Marvel Vs. DC epics (not to mention the merging of their universes in the 90’s limited run of Amalgam comics). However, up until now, Marvel has had the run of cinemas, not worried about competition from DC, and now that DC is dipping its toes into the shared cinematic universe, many have wondered how they two companies will deal with the influx of opening weekends, with each company planning a slate of releases in the coming years. However, it seems that Marvel may have fired the first shot in the coming war with a very unique way to combat Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

We have known for a while now that Daredevil Season 2 was slated to debut sometime in March, but the rumor mill is now reporting via Entertainment Weekly that Charlie Cox’s sophomore outing as Hell’s Kitchen’s blind defender will debut on your Netflix Que March 25th, directly opposite Warner Bros. release of Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. And while this has yet to be officially confirmed, especially since we have yet to get an official trailer for Daredevil, Marvel and Warner Bros. do have a tradition of competing for release dates.

Most are saying that it is unlikely the simultaneous release will impact Batman V. Superman’s total box office haul, however it may put a small dent in it’s opening weekend. And some are even saying that the weather and your geological location may have a direct impact on whether or not you head to the theaters or if you stay home and gorge on Netflix. I guess we will have to wait and see if the war for your wallet heats up any further. What are your plans? Will you head out opening day to see the Man of Steel take on the Dark Knight or will you spend the evening with The Man Without Fear?

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