Deadpool, and FOX decided to take their message of love to ABC‘s The Bachelor last night with a new television spot and some tweets from Ryan Reynolds himself. The message was simple, this isn’t just a superhero movie, it’s a love story, because we all know that Deadpool does everything because of love… love of humor… love of violence… love of laying the smack talk down, he loves it all.


Deadpool even loves Wonder Woman, well he hearted her poster anyways. I wouldn’t try to take that poster home with you though… it’s probably very sticky…

Here’s some fun tweets Ryan Reynolds tweeted during the episode:

Now here’s the new television spot. It’s all about the love after all.

Well, if you have to sell it that way to get your significant other to go with you then do it. Most likely they’ll love the movie and let you off the hook for that little white lie. If not, perhaps you should consider dumping him or her and getting a nerdier version.

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