Whilst you’d be hard pressed to ever realistically call Han Solo a romantic sort of guy, his choice of wedding present to his wife Princess Leia should leave no doubt.  In new tie-in book Star Wars: The  Force Awakens Incredible Cross-Sections illustrator Kemp Remillard and author Jason Fry  give us drawings and details showing the new area, right there in the crew quarters.  And Fry  details it wasn’t just a last minute thought, but rather an addition he thought long and hard  about, one that hasn’t been taken quite how he meant it by some people:


“.. no, the idea wasn’t that Princess Leia – General Organa, for Pete’s sake – would obviously need  a kitchen to potter around in, or feel the instinct to hang up her blaster and start cooking for her new  husband and his Wookiee pal…..it’s there so someone else could use it to make something that Leia  might want to eat.”

So you can put images of Leia in an apron away now please, however hot you’d think she’d  look.  Fry also neatly addresses an issue Star Wars fans have had for over thirty-five years,  namely the speed with which the ‘Falcon made it to Bespin after escaping the asteroid field  against all those odds in The Empire Strikes Back:

“Since the Falcon had no galley then, I imagined that the slow crawl from Hoth to Bespin – which  probably took a few months – left Han, Chewie and Leia eating whatever horrible stuff had been in  the Falcon’s stores. Horrible stuff they’d have to eat off Tupperware while crammed around the  gaming table, no less.”

It’s easy to imagine C-3PO pottering around making meals for Han, Leia and Chewie but Fry  says he always imagined the Wookie would be the one doing the cooking.  That task doesn’t  seem below our favourite walking carpet but there would surely be an issue with open flames  and those hairy arms.

Whatever you think of this as it’s in official The Force Awakens merchandise it must now be  considered canon, although it’s doubtful we’ll see it in the films.  And there’s still no sign of a  toilet.

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