The King of Monsters is coming back and he’s badder than ever. After a decade of absence in Japanese cinema (following the epic kaiju all-star brawl that was 2004’s Godzilla Final Wars), Toho Ltd. announced that they have just concluded shooting a brand new Godzilla movie.

For the (hopefully few) uninitiated, Godzilla first made his appearance in 1954, taking the world by storm. Under the direction of Ishirō Honda, the nuclear titan rampaged through the streets of Tokyo in all his invincible glory, before finally being destroyed by an experimental WMD called the ‘Oxygen Destroyer’. Thus began his glorious, 6-decades long career as a staple in nerd culture and his successive reincarnations as a savior of the earth, a scaly hippie, an awkward dad and then back into a force for destruction.

After a bad deal that forced Godzilla into the role of a hermaphroditic lizard killed by F-16 missile fire, the King Of Monsters finally had his break in the States with Gareth Edwards’ runaway 2014 hit. While we won’t get to see another American-made sequel to the franchise until at least 2018, we get to enjoy what seems to be like a very promising Japanese reboot.

The title of the new movie is ‘Godzilla: Resurgence’ and Toho has been particularly stingy with the details, focusing mainly on the maxi-size of the new kaiju, set at almost 400 feet tall. Heading the special effects department is Shin Higuchi, whom most Japanese-leaning nerds among our reader base will remember as the man behind the grotesque monstrosities of the live-action Attack on Titan movie.

The few photos we have so far have revealed that the new Godzilla is more intimidating than ever, but that’s not even the good part. Apparently, Higuichi is planning to take this one step further, by using groundbreaking technology, never before seen in Japanese cinema. According to a recent article on the special effects of the film:

Apparently, the released photos only show the ‘towering doll of rippling red muscle’ mentioned above and will be later enhanced with CGI, to achieve the brand new look of the living destructive force we have come to know and love. The full majesty of what Higuichi describes as the “most terrifying Godzilla ever” will  not be revealed to us however, until Toho officially releases their first full movie trailer.

NerdBastards is, however, very disappointed to announce that the new Godzilla movie will be completely independent of any continuity with the Gareth Edwards kaiju movie universe, up to (and including) his rumored King Kong brawl. So far, no details have been released regarding how this development will affect the inclusion of Godzilla’s iconic rivals into the American movie sequels. We hope they at least manage to pull off a passable Gidorah and that we get to see a remade shot of the iconic ‘Kill All Monsters’ curb-stomping scene.

So if you are into giant lizards clap your hands! Our small (but fanatical) kaiju cult are already running thick leather gloves across their contra bassa in excitement, whipped into a frenzy by the new teaser trailer.

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