Many Disney fans will remember from their childhood one of the most evil of villainesses. From her skunk painted hair to her crazy scary fingernails, she was the source of many nightmares. Cruella DiVil, whether in cartoon form or most especially in the form of the amazing Glen Close, the character of Cruella Di Vil is most arguable the most evil of Disney’s creations. Who wouldn’t believe that of a person who hatches evil schemes to kill precious little puppies?

Disney fans young and old will get to see yet another interpretation of this wonderfully evil villainess. Disney is planning to produce a live action film about Cruella and they are in talks with the actress they feel most confident to play Her Wickedness, none other than the beautiful Emma Stone


It has been rumored, and confirmed, by Disney that Emma is in early talks to play Cruella.

From THR:

“Emma Stone is in early negotiations to portray the iconic Disney villainess Cruella de Vil in the film Cruella, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.”

There is likely to be some concerns over an actress like Emma being able to play such a character as Cruella. There will also be many skeptics throughout the fandom who grew up with Glen Close’s Cruella Di Ville evil laugh ringing through their nightmares, who feel that Emma isn’t necessarily the right choice. However, Emma has played parts that show that she can be very vindictive and manipulative, not to mention scheming. One such role was a young Wichita in Zombieland, where she duped Tallahassee, played by Woody Harrelson, not once but twice before falling in with him for survival.

Fans should also keep in mind that this is an original story about the villainess and her fall into evil. How evil would a young Cruella be? Would she start out evil or will the story start with a sweet, innocent Cruella?

Would there be such a thing? While it would be hard for Emma to fill the shoes of a Glen Close type Cruella, does she have it in her to show fans the path that lead Cruella to such evilness? Although Disney has a writer on the project in the form of Kelly Marcel (Fifty Shades of Grey adaptation), they have not yet chosen a producer for the film. With shooting slotted for later in this year, it is a good bet that both a producer and Emma will be signing on the dotted line soon.

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