While out promoting his latest Quentin Tarantino-directed flick, The Hateful Eight, Samuel L. Jackson was asked whether he’d seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens and what he thought of the movie (he has seen it, for the record). Not one to often mince his words, Jackson tried his best to be diplomatic. At first anyhow. Then he said what he thinks, just as you’d expect and want him to.

“It’s done in the spirit of the Star Wars films” he said, before continuing: “It’s adventuresome and exciting in a way. I think the kids need to go to lightsaber fight school, but that’s just me thinking that. They’ve got time to get better”.

Jackson appeared in all three Star Wars prequels as Mace Windu, the only Jedi to ever wield a purple lightsaber and in those episodes he and all the other Jedi handled their elegant weapons as easily as though they were made of polystyrene. Back in the days of the Original Trilogy, George Lucas was adamant that lightsabers were heavy and more akin to broadswords than fencing foils, leading to a vastly different style of fighting, one that that J.J. Abrams seems to have brought back.

Maybe Mr. Jackson is peeved at having The Hateful Eight open directly against the box office juggernaut that is The Force Awakens, or maybe he’s fed-up at the constant slagging off his prequels continue to receive, now perhaps even moreso than ever. But it is refreshing to have such blatant honesty from a celebrity.

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