Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) lives in a three-story town house in New York’s Greenwich Village. A very special building with that iconic circular window. The rest of the building seems to change slightly with each new artist, but that window remains. Now we’ve got our first look at the Doctor Strange Sanctum Sanctorum set and that fantastic window courtesy of Marvel Studios Co-President Louis D’Espisito.Here’s a look at some of the concept art that popped up on the Internet the other day:


Now take a look at the actual window on set:

Awesome, Doctor Strange is looking fantastic. The casting, the costumes, the set designs all point toward another Marvel masterpiece. Director Scott Derrickson is known for his horror movies and that influence is sure to bleed over into Doctor Strange.

This move by Marvel to put a horror director in charge of Doctor Strange is a smart decision. Derrickson is sure to put some real power behind all the mystical horrors that pop up when Doctor Strange is out protecting the Earth and the universe itself. He is the Sorcerer Supreme after all, it’s in his job description.

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