It’s no secret that Adam Sandler‘s movies tend to fall into one of two piles for people- absolutely love, or absolutely hate. With the ups (Grown Ups 2), downs (That’s My Boy), and in-betweens (Pixels and Blended) of the actor’s recent releases, it was anyone’s guess how The Ridiculous 6 would fare when it was released- available only through Netflix. The streaming service is proud to announce, however, that less than a month after adding the Western comedy to its selection of films, The Ridiculous 6 has already earned the title of the most watched movie on Netflix. Ever!At Netflix’s CES 2016 keynote, Ted Sarandos, chief content officer at the company, elaborated:

“The Ridiculous 6, by way of example, in the first 30 days on Netflix it’s been the most-watched movie in the history of Netflix,” he said. “It’s also enjoyed a spot at #1 in every territory we operate in, and in many of them it’s still #1.”

The Verge was the first to report the quote, and, subsequently, clarify it. The statistics that Netflix is judging the film’s success by is from both Netflix’s own original content as well as its licensed content. Some variables muddy the waters a little bit when it comes to discerning what these facts mean. Firstly, we only have Netflix’s word to go on- there’s no concrete data. Another unknown is how the number of “watches” of the film was counted. Were the views complete, from beginning to end? Or are they just going by how many times the movie was started, ignoring whether it was finished or not?

Regardless, it’s still a feat that Netflix and Sandler should be proud of. Sarandos most definitely had Sandler fans in mind when they forged their deal, saying:

“His appeal spans across viewers of all ages — everybody has a favorite movie, everyone has a favorite line.”

Sarandos even credited Sandler with making the deal he struck months later with the Duplass brothers possible, explaining:

“Independent film has always been a big part of Netflix, and the reason we do things like the Adam Sandler deal is so we can do things like this as well,”

So weather you’re a Sandler fan or not, this progress is still a good thing! Independent films being embraced, even sought after, by Netflix means more will be funded, and that is something that all fans of the genre can get behind!

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