Both Diggle and King Shark are Returning to ‘The Flash’


The Flash has done some pretty ballsy things in its year-and-a-half on the air: it embraced time travel, the multiverse, doppelgangers, Gorilla Grodd, and Barry’s sometimes cavalier attitude about keeping his secret identity. Then, in season two’s fourth episode, “The Fury of Firestorm,” The Flash team went and introduced King Shark into the mix, and it was glorious (at least for the whole two minutes King Shark was on screen before being incapacitated by Harrison Wells from Earth 2). If you were one of those people wanting more King Shark, you’re in luck, because he’s coming back later this season on The Flash, but the Scarlet Speedster’s going to need some help from a member of Team Arrow to take him down.

Thanks to a mysterious Instagram photo posted by Arrow star David Ramsey of him posing outside the Flash writers room, we now have details about the show’s 15th episode. then elaborated that Ramsey wasn’t just creeping outside of a Flash writers meeting, but rather it was a not-so-subtle hint that he, along with his TV wife and A.R.G.U.S. partner Audrey Marie Anderson, will soon be appearing on the show. Flash executive producer Andrew Kreisberg later expanded on the plot mentioning a certain giant man shark.

“The Diggles arrive in Central City to help Barry take on King Shark who has escaped from ARGUS and is hellbent on completing his mission of destroying The Flash.”

King Shark was originally introduced in the comics as a Superboy villain, but in the context of season two of The Flash, King Shark is one of several bad guys brought from Earth-2 to fight Barry Allen on behalf of the evil Zoom, who is trying to “fatten” Barry up with the Speed Force in order make a better meal out of the superhero. The second half of the Flash’s second season promises all manner of interesting returns and new spins on familiar faces. We know that Reverse Flash will be back in some form, and that the Earth-2 iterations of Caitlin Snow and Ronnie Raymond, in the form of Killer Frost and Deathstorm respectively, will also be out to get Team Flash. Sounds like good watching.

The Flash returns on Tuesday January 19 on the CW.

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