After making an impact with nerds at large as Doctor Who’s and Torchwood’s xeno-amorous time-traveling captain, Captain Jack (known to time-normies as John Barrowman) has taken on the mantle of Arrow’s nemesis, Dark Archer. For the non-die-hard Green Arrow fans out there, Dark Archer (AKA Malcom Merlyn) was Oliver Queen’s arch nemesis. Originally going by the stage name “Merlyn The Magician”, the trickster won his very first bout against Oliver Queen in Justice League Of America #94 in the olden days of November 1971. Since then, Malcom Merlyn has switched careers constantly, joining the League of Assassins, working as a soul-bound unpaid intern in service to the demon Nero, and competing in the Olympics with the Zandian National team.

This incarnation promises a brand new twist however, as according to a recent statement by John Barrowman, he is preparing to launch a series tie-in limited comic book series, titled Arrow: The Dark Archer


According to the actor’s statement, the series is co-written between himself and his sister Carole and was originally conceived as a 12-issue miniseries, to be distributed in digital format. The series will function as a prequel to Arrow, presenting the re-imagined origin of the super-villain and will be technically set in the interim between season 3 and 4 of the series. There will be certain time-skips, however, as the story is juxtaposed against the character’s evolution and his beginnings.

According to Barrowman:

Arrow: The Dark Archer began with a pitch for an entirely different comic. My sister and I are both comic fans and a couple of years ago we came across a description of a team of DC superheroes from the 1950s that have been lost to history. We came up with a story to update them into a contemporary series. I went to Geoff Johns, chief creative officer at DC Comics, and pitched the idea to his team. While we were chatting, I mentioned Carole and I would love to write Malcolm’s backstory too. Geoff knew Carole and I had written a number of things together…

I’ve had a backstory in my head for Malcolm from the beginning and a lot of it has made its way into our comic and onto the screen. I think it’s always been my job to help the audience relate to Malcolm in some way despite his questionable morals and evil ways.”

The staff at NerdBastards are pumped for this development and we are hoping that, no matter which direction the limited series takes, it will remain true to the long and zany tale of the original Malcolm Merlyn, at least as much as possible. We trust John Barrowman to maintain his particularly strange brand of humor that most of us have come to know and love.

Die-hard print grognards will see a Graphic Novel’s release in the very near future, following the series’ completion.


Source: TV Insider

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