2016 is going to be a good year for nerds. With Suicide Squad coming on Cartoon Network, Game of Thrones Season 6 just around the corner and with the Shannara Chronicles series well under way, nerd-centered television just keeps getting better. The good news keep piling up, however, with the latest news from the Starz network, who are sure to save you repeat silver screen viewings and alleviate your BluRay Release malaise.

Get ready for some on-demand streaming and repeat viewings with all the comforts of home! Following the smashing success of Episode VII, the Starz Network (home Outlander, Power and Ash VS The Evil Dead) has managed to land the rights to the new Star  Wars Trilogy.

The network managed to seal the deal at the low-low price of 17.5 million dollars (which is a steal, considering that TV rights also factor in a movie’s box office revenue). Starz managed to get the rights while still under their deal with Disney, which concluded in 2015.

According to the network, the Cannucks will be getting the upper hand, with Force Awakens streamable exclusively in Canada for 2016. The rights to Episodes 8 and 9 have not been secured yet by the network and will be available on release worldwide, as soon as they become available for cable. We’re guessing those parts are going to cost them a pretty penny, though.

Rich Tullo, entertainment analyst for the network, was also hyped about the new deal. He went on to describe securing the rights for The Force Awakens as:

“It’s like having [the] Super Bowl to launch other programming.”

There’s one last bit of bad news for our non-Canadian readers, however: apparently, Starz’s exclusive rights also exclude any Episode 7 tie-ins and anthology movies from viewing outside of the country, when it comes to on-demand streaming. Furthermore, it does not appear that any resolution on the matter has been reached. Here at NerdBastards, we do not like to let our rage consume us. We will, however, settle for word filtering Canada to “The country above the US” until we can finally get to see our latest space opera whenever we damn well feel like it.

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