Star Wars fans have quite the amount of time now that episode VII has premiered. And episode VIII isn’t set to be released until 2017. It looks like, to pass the time, fans will be constantly coming up with theories and speculations to fill the void. Check out this latest fan theory that comes from the Imgur user “seventhonmars.” According to this person, a simple image comparison suggests that Supreme Leader Snoke is actually Darth Vader. The main argument: scars on Snoke’s head and face are eerily similar to the ones that Darth Vader had when his helmet was removed in Return of The Jedi.

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This theory is almost as silly as saying that Rey is related to Ben Kenobi because of the clothes that she wears. Still, it’s making the rounds on the internet and is worthy of at least looking at. But beyond taking a quick peek, it seems that this one should be closed as fast as it was opened. Darth Vader is as good as dead. So says his melted helmet, and let’s not forget the two versions of his force ghost that showed up at the end of Return of The Jedi.

There is no doubt that the scars on both characters do look similar, but they’re not at the same time. Take a look at the scar on their cheeks for example. Vader’s scar looks to cut across his cheek starting at his ear and going all the way to his nose. Snoke’s scar is more like a chunk of his cheek was taken out – probably from some kind of battle.

As far as the scar on the top of their heads are concerned. Vader’s scar is more of a really bad cut while’s Snoke’s scar seems to actually cut into his skull. So while the theory looks kind of cool, there is no way that this holds any ground. There are probably more contrasts that can be discussed, but for now, these are the more obvious ones.

If you spot anything else, make sure to leave a comment below on your thoughts. For now, it seems that this theory has been debunked.

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