NBC Orders Pilot Of DC Comics’ Office Comedy


If you have been looking at the slate of super hero TV and thought there was just too many super heroes in these super hero shows, well then, you may be finally getting your wishes granted. The Prime Time DC Universe will soon be expanding their dominant television universe in one of the most unexpected ways, tackling the comedy genre. Being called an “Office” style comedy set firmly in the DC Universe, NBC has ordered up a pilot for Powerless, a half-hour single-camera comedy from Warner Bros. and A To Z creator Ben Queen.

DC Comics is dominating the television super hero genre with Arrow and The Flash’s combined universe over on the CW and Supergirl killing it over on CBS, Gotham on Fox and Legends of Tomorrow quickly approaching, this new series will focus on the worst insurance company in America. Oh, and they also happen to exist in the DC Universe. The focus will be on the reality of living as a powerless human in the world of the super powered.

It’s not known which if any of the current DC heroes will show up, but with so much drama in superheroes, it will be nice to see something on the more lighthearted side. And if Warner Bros. were smart this could become an intriguing way of crossing the bridges between the different networks, maybe letting Liv Moore on iZombie get to work forensics with Barry Allen over on The Flash and she ends up eating a meta humans brain. Who Wouldn’t want to see that? I’ll go ahead and write that for you, WB!

A show like Powerless could seal WB and DC’s television dominance. And not only this, NBC seems to be making a push for comedy in the coming year with a straight-to-series order for a project from Mike Schur, a pilot order to a comedy produced by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock as well as pilot orders for two projects for the NBC Playground initiative.

Marvel also has a comic license much like this called Damage Control from 1989, about an insurance company that had to deal with the real world fall out from the damage done in the wake of the epic battles of Marvels biggest and best. What do you think? Should Marvel follow up with TV adaption of their own? Let us know below.



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